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Exhibition stands

Digital-Mark company produces custom-made exhibition stands and provides services for their delivery, assembly and construction at the sites in Moscow,in the Moscow Region and in the Regions of Russia. These are structures designed for advertising campaigns, PR campaigns, and regular presentations of goods, products and services. Their main feature is a unique entourage and functionality with Digital Signage elements for the most effective presentation with catching the attention of a wide audience.

Standard exhibition stands

This is a universal equipment for presentations, participation in exhibitions and fairs. It based on standard sizes and basic combinations of materials and neutral colors. In this case, the stands can be design in accordance with the theme of the event or the corporate style of the customer’s company and brand. Logos and slogans can be apply to the front surfaces. Only basic elements without Digital Signage are included as standard.

Exclusive exhibition stands

These constructions made according to unique design projects in accordance with the theme of the event, the corporate style of the customer’s company, and the specifics of the products or services being promote. Arbitrary sizes, built-up area, any decorative finish, Digital Signage elements and promotional staff accompanying the event distinguish them. They installed in the passable places or in the center of the exhibition complex or hall, while standard structures placed around the perimeter.

The demand for a particular new product determined primarily by the quality of the presentation, since the potential buyer – the future consumer, does not yet have an idea about the strengths and advantages of the product (service). Therefore, you should not underestimate the effectiveness of the auxiliary equipment that used for filing, since the first impression in most cases is decisive.

Here you can order an exhibition stand that will build individually for the presentation of your specific product. We will perform a full range of works:

  • We will develop an unique design in accordance with your corporate style, product specifics and architectural features of the object where the stand will be built;
  • We will purchase the necessary materials, equipment and produce all the necessary components;
  • We will consider the possibility of integrating modern Digital Signage solutions;
  • We will arrange delivery of the kit to any Region of Russia, perform assembly, installation, electricity connection and setup of equipment, including lighting solutions and audio systems.

This will allow you to present any product from the best sides, attract the widest possible audience to the presentation and cause a loud response on the most popular internet sites. To test and to virtually use new features in order to evaluate the potential, to see what static printing products will not show – all these are the capabilities of our stands. Interactive racks, projection pyramids, refrigerators with transparent displays do not just show the product and information about it, but allow a person to feel their participation.

What elements of Digital Signage used in the production of customer-tailored exhibition stands?

In our case, the production of trade and exhibition equipment is inextricably link to the use of modern digital equipment and Digital Signage elements. First, these include multimedia and interactive elements, such as touch screens, 3D projection pyramids, LED monitors, interactive refrigerators and much more. We also specialize in developing and building modern audio systems. In the inextricable connection of the design concept, all these components, in the end, focus the attention of a potential buyer, client, and partner on your branded product.

Construction of exclusive exhibition stands

Developing a design and using high-quality modern equipment is only half the success. It is important to properly execute all installation work and to setup the equipment. Our specialists will develop the necessary software and content for multimedia systems for you. We will execute the entire work «turnkey» at the best prices, we guarantee the quality of results. More details about the procedure for providing services our managers will give you under the indicated phone numbers.

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